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Seaman Seafood AS.

With countless fjords, lakes and rivers, as well as easy access to some of the cleanest, most thriving oceans in the world, Norway’s seafood is second to none. 

Perfect Conditions

You’d be forgiven for underestimating just how far north Norway actually reaches. After all, Oslo and Southern Norway aren’t that far away from the European continent. But travel way up north, and you’ll be closer to the North Pole than to Paris. It’s way more remote, and more extreme than most people realise. It gets extremely cold. The sun disappears for months every year. The landscape is inhospitable and wild. You might not expect to see a lot of life up here, let alone human settlements. Yet here we are.

Seaman Seafood AS

Seaman Seafood AS is a world-leading seafood company with a historical past reaching again to decades. The Group´s core enterprise is the supply  of Salmon, King crab, Mackerel, Lobster and Cod, processing, product growth, advertising and marketing, sale and distribution of seafood. 

Each single day, all 12 months, our 5,500 staff ship seafood corresponding to 5 million meals. We’ve an in depth vary of sustainable, wholesome merchandise served on tables in additional than 80 completely different international locations.

Our fundamental workplace is positioned in Tønsberg, however we’ve fishing vessels and fish farms in operation alongside all the coast of Norway. We’ve manufacturing and packaging vegetation in Norway and other countries. We additionally have gross sales places of work within the USA and China.

Every single day, Seaman Seafood AS delivers hundreds of various seafood merchandise to outlets, eating places, canteens and inns. We’re proud suppliers of seafood to prospects worldwide, and our deliveries correspond to over 1 million meals yearly.

Norwegian Coastline

For many thousands years, the Arctic Norwegian cod has migrated from the Barents Sea, passing western Finnmark, Troms and Vesterålen on their course into the nice and cozy spawning grounds of Lofoten right after Christmas. These grounds are the positioning of the world’s most intensive cod fishing. In spring, the younger cod comply with the capelin on their way alongside the Finnmark coast and into the Finnmark fishing grounds. Fishermen from the entire coast used to come back to participate on this seasonal fishing. The rest of the year they fished of their native fishing grounds, typically combining fishing with some small-scale farming.

Mackerel fish

Our customers choose us because we consistently source high-quality meat & seafood