Seafood From Norway

Atlantic Mackerel.


Mackerel is fished between May and November, with the biggests catches caught from September to November.

Catch range

North sea, the Norwegian Sea and Skagerrak.

Nutritional information

Atlantic Mackerel is rich in

  • Protein
  • Vitamin B12 and D
  • Jod
  • Omega-3’s

The Atlantic Mackerel

Atlantic Mackerel is a popular and nutritious fish found in the North Atlantic Ocean. Discover the taste, health benefits, and cooking tips of this versatile seafood.  Swimming freely and feeding within the chilly, clear waters of the Norwegian shoreline, our mackerel has grown to be a standard and far sought-after catch. It is easy to identify due to its distinctive form and colouring. Its physique is spherical and streamlined with a placing nature-like and blue color, and it has various tiger-like irregular cross bands alongside its back. If you’re fast to catch one, you’ll discover that its pores and skin is silky clean – all due to its tiny scales

There are lots of varieties of mackerel, however the Atlantic mackerel have some distinctive advantages. Shoppers run a low threat of ingesting any environmental contaminants because the fish has an integral place within the pure ecosystem, feeding on plankton and smaller fish. And it eats rather a lot. The mackerel is continually on the move to maintain it from sinking because it has no swimming bladder. This bladder is a lung-like organ crammed with gas, frequent to most fish to assist to maintain them at secure depths with out exerting muscle energy.

Benefits Of Mackerel

The Atlantic mackerel is caught in the course of the autumn when their fats content material is at its highest: around 30 per cent, in comparison with 3 per cent at its lowest. However don’t fearthat is the type of fats that’s good to your coronary heart, mind and total well being. Loaded with omega-3, antioxidants and protein, this fast-swimming shoaling fish is quickly transferring in the direction of the highest of the record of the world’s superfood lovers, and with good purpose.

It should enhance your metabolism and enhance your well being. One bite of the Atlantic mackerel can stave off sickness and provide help to stay a long and wholesome life. Research have proven omega-3 acids to guard you from various completely different ailments. It’s even discovered to play a structural function within the brain and retina of the eyes. Pregnant or breastfeeding moms are significantly really advised to get a great deal of it, because it has optimistic results on the longer term well being and intelligence of their baby. So not solely does it make you reside an extended and higher life — the mackerel can also make your children smarter

recipe sample of Atlantic Mackerel with lemon

Health Benefits of Atlantic Mackerel

The mackerel advantages don’t cease there! The Atlantic mackerel comprises a compound known as coenzyme. That is an antioxidant that has the neat potential of powering the power centre of cells, inflicting your body to supply extra power and burn extra fats. Consuming Atlantic mackerel is due to this fact a pure and attractive manner of getting in an extremely nutritious meal that will also boosts your metabolism.

We might have the most effective mackerel on the earth, but it surely’s the Japanese and South Koreans who’re often called the world champions of mackerel recipes. They even educate Norwegian cooks find out how to get the most effective out of mackerel. Regardless of the place you get your inspiration from, mackerel will be loved in numerous methods. Grilled or fried, complete or as fillets, in casserole dishes or boiled, and served hot or chilly. It’s as versatile as your creativeness. In case you are out of concepts, simply look to Japan and South Korea, two international locations which have been experimenting with this scrumptious superfood for years.

Mackerel Can Help To Reduce Triglyceride Levels