Norwegian Cod Fish

Atlantic Cod Fish.


All year round

Catch range

Coastal cod – fjords and coastal areas

Norwegian-Arctic cod – feeding area in the Barents Sea, spawning area from Finnmark to Stad with the most important spawning grounds off Lofoten Islands.

Nutritional information

Norwegian Cod is rich in

  • Protein
  • Vitamin A, D and B12
  • Selenium
  •  Omega-3’s
  • Antioxidants 

History of The Atlantic Cod Fish

Atlantic cod fish is a true delight for seafood lovers who crave for a mouthwatering taste with a white, flaky texture. Eleven thousand years in the past, the primary settlers arrived on the Norwegian coast. They had been looking for good fishing, and one can safely say that they discovered what they had been on the lookout for: a sea of life. One species, the cod, was significantly plentiful, and cod has been an important useful resource for Norwegian fisheries ever since.

The world’s largest cod inventory is in Norwegian waters. An unlimited fish inventory that has been the technique of existence for individuals alongside the coast for hundreds of years – not simply as meals, but additionally as buying and selling items. It was additionally Norway’s most vital export merchandise for tons of of years, and the inhabitants in cities like Trondheim and Bergen made a residing from stockfish commerce with southern Europe.

Dry and Prepared Cod Fish

The Norwegian Cod may be dried and preserved with out dropping its flavour, making it good for export and delivery over lengthy distances. During the time of the Viking Age – when these preservation strategies had been already historic, and deeply ingrained in our tradition – the dried cod was loaded into the famous Viking longships. It fed the sailors, enabling them to journey so far as they did and it quickly grew to become Norway’s first and most necessary commodity for export.

Within the centuries following the Viking expeditions, Norwegian dried cod was traded and bought throughout Europe. In return, merchants would take back home wine, spices, flour and grain, garments, jewelry and extra. Well-known for its high quality, the cod continues to be without doubt one of the most sought-after fish merchandise all world wide.

sun-dry Atlantic cod fish from Norway
sample recipe of what cod fish looks like. Norwegian atlantic cod fish

There are two main populations of cod in Norwegian waters: the coastal cod and the Norwegian-Arctic cod.

Norwegian cod Fish

Magnificent Cod Meat.

Norwegian cod is simply a standard on the dinner desk immediately because it was throughout the Stone Age. The cod’s meat has a light taste, white color and may be mixed with various spices and facet dishes. It may be extremely flavoured, as in bacalao, or salted extra frivolously. The cod could be very versatile and may be grilled, roasted, cooked or eaten uncooked in sushi.  Because of its thick flacky texture, the cod can also be a perfect favorite for the well-known Fish and Chips. 

Along with the superb taste of the lean, the white meat of the fish, cod additionally incorporates various vital vitamins. An extended with omega-3 fatty acids, nutritional vitamins, and proteins, the cod is riched in iodine, an vital nutrient. These vitamins are essential for the metabolism and important for mind development and growth in kids. The roe and the liver from the skrei are used to make “mølje”, which is thought to be a delicacy. Nothing goes to waste. The “mølje” is a correct vitamin bomb, with sufficient D-vitamins to maintain Norwegians wholesome by the darkish, chilly winter. No wonder the cod has a particular place in Norwegian food-culture and historical past.

Norwegian Arctic cod fishing is limited by nature: It can only take place over a short season between January and April when the skrei spawns off the coast of Northern Norway. Our Atlantic cod fish is sustainably harvested from the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, ensuring its freshness, quality, and sustainability. 

The food of the vikings

Norwegian Atlantic Cod

Each winter, a miracle occurs within the northern a part of Norway. The skrei – prime Norwegian Atlantic cod – returns from the ice-cold waters of the Barents Sea to their authentic spawning grounds off the northern Norwegian coast. This heroic journey means the Norwegian Arctic cod develops robust muscle groups and extremely hard flesh, unsurpassed in style and texture. 

Norwegian Arctic cod fishing is restricted by nature: It will possibly solely happen over a brief season between January and April when the skrei spawns off the coast of Northern Norway. Throughout this time, the standard of the cod – in addition to their much-prized roe and liver – is at its greatest. This skrei season is extremely necessary for coastal communities in Northern Norway, and for the nation as well. Yearly since 1991, the World Cod Fishing Championships have been held at Svolvær in Lofoten – a significant fishing competition and a celebration in honour of the cod.

The fishing grounds are comparatively confined, and thus constraining the availability of the favored skrei. The skrei is shipped to supermarkets throughout Europe inside hours of being caught, guaranteeing the standard and freshness of the skrei. Seafood lovers patiently await the arrival of skrei in shops and markets world wide.