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Experience the best seafood from Norway. A world-class seafood delivery near me which offer the finest wild-caught Atlantic salmon, cod, halibut, crab, scallops and Norwegian fish sourced sustainably from Norway's cold, clear waters. Seaman Seafood AS serves premium seafood shipped nationwide. .Strict regulations protect the country's ecosystem and fish stocks, allowing for a renewable industry that takes responsibility for its actions. We at Seaman Seafood As work alongside the industry and scientists to create a system that encourages a considered approach to fisheries management. Get the best Norwegian fish and Atlantic salmon from us.

Seafood from Norway


Norwegian fish and the coastal ecosystem. The Norwegian coastal ecosystem boasts natural resources that are the envy of the entire world—a seafood lovers' paradise. To a great extent, a feat accomplished due to the respect and protectiveness the Norwegians bestow to maintain the fragile balance.

Seafood From Norway

Norway Lobster.

Dark and dangerous, but sweet and mild in the kitchen.

Norway lobster goes by several other names, such as Dublin Bay prawn, langoustine or scampi. It is perfect for cooking in numerous ways and is a welcome ingredient in dishes with other seafood.

The Norway lobster, also known as langoustine, prefers to stay keep to itself, but this accessible lobster can make friends with a host of different flavours.

As a close relative of the lobster, the pale orange Norway lobster has the same body shape, but is smaller and narrower. 

The Norway lobster has five pairs of legs, the front three being claws with the leading pair the largest. The Norwegian Lobster is especially rich in:

Rich in Protein

Protein, which builds and maintains all the cells in the body.

Rich in Vitamin

Vitamin B12, which is important for producing new cells, including red blood cells, and which can prevent anaemia.


Iodine, which regulates the body's metabolism and is important for normal growth and development of the nervous system.

Seafood From Norway

Atlantic Cod Fish.

Norway wouldn’t be the nation it’s at this time had it not been for a single fish – it began with the Atlantic cod. The historical past of the Atlantic cod is the historical past of Norway

Norwegian cod is sustainable with nearly all cod from Norway coming from the Northeast Arctic cod stock, the biggest cod stock in the world.

Norwegian stockfish requires no preservatives, simply the ability of nature. Dried within the optimum pure circumstances within the chilly and contemporary winds of Arctic Norway, it’s cherished by connoisseurs in Italy and beyond.

Salmon can be made into various dishes

Norwegian salmon

antibiotics-free and non-GMO

Seafood In Norway

Salmon Fish.

It swims, it jumps, it even changes its biological makeup. And without the Norwegian Atlantic salmon, the delicious salmon sushi would never have been invented.

There are two genetically distinct genera of salmon: the Atlantic salmon and the Pacific salmon. They will solely be discovered within the chilly oceans on the northern hemisphere. The most typical kind is the Atlantic salmon, which is well-known worldwide for its very good high quality.

Seafood In Norway

Atlantic Mackerel.

The Atlantic mackerel, Scomber scombrus, is a common pelagic species distributed in the Northern Atlantic Ocean and in the temperate waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea down to about 200 m.

Seafood In Norway

King Crab.

The King of seafood in Norway. A tasty and exclusive foreigner: all hail the red king crab!
Arguably the most lucrative catch of the Barents Sea, the red king crab is not native to the region

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Seafood From Norway.

The world’s richest sea is also to be found off the coast of Northern Norway, and we have exported fish from here for thousands of years. This has shaped daily life, as well as the history of the people along the Northern Norwegian coast. One of the best seafood delivery near me.

Greater than 1,700 fishers, working from the smallest smacks to the most important trawlers, ship their catches day by day to our packaging vegetation north of the Arctic Circle. The easiest uncooked ingredients are picked, processed and packaged, then distributed to markets worldwide. 

With a historical past of greater than 140 years of fishing in these waters, it’s secure to say that our Norway Seafoods merchandise are the results of greater than a century of creating and preserving a proud craft. 

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Every selection we offer is responsibly sourced and wild-caught and strongly upheld by families of generational fishermen